What is attraction marketing?

If You Want to Build Your Home Business with Social Media, Use Attraction Marketing


What is attraction marketing?

Attraction marketing is creating content that attracts people to you by providing value to them first. Attraction marketing teaches your audience how to benefit from your product or industry before asking for a sale. Attraction marketing is giving before taking.

Attraction marketing could also be called education marketing or value marketing. Attraction marketing leads with education. When you use attraction marketing, you will teach your audience and help them before you pitch them. Deliver content that will help your audience – give to them. Here’s a video I did about using attraction marketing.

Brick and Mortar Examples of Attraction Marketing

An example of attraction marketing is a gym offering a free workout class, so you can see if you like it before you join. It’s the free samples at the grocery store. They’re giving to you, with no strings attached, before you buy anything.

Chances are, if you’re going to a class at the gym, you already want to join. The free class answers any questions you may have about the gym, the equipment, the people there, and if the class is any good. More importantly, it makes you trust the gym. They aren’t hard-closing you to join. They want to make sure you like it first, and you appreciate that. You’re more likely to take a look, be open-minded, and you sell yourself on joining. You feel better about joining and the gym gets a new customer with no hard sell.

How to use Attraction Marketing for Network Marketing

How can you educate your target market, whether it’s for your products or your business? How can you give them value with no expectation of a sale? If your company’s products are weight loss products, you can teach your prospects how to lose weight. Show them 3 easy exercises they can do in 10 minutes, so they start working out. Show them how you make your smoothie in the morning and tell them why a smoothie is better than an Egg McMuffin.

Don’t tell them how amazing your protein powder is and how many vitamins are in it. Remember, you’re leading with value. Plus they truly don’t care about the vitamins. They want to know how to lose weight. If you lost 20 pounds, they will want to know how you did it. If you drank shakes, they will want to drink shakes.

What Should You Talk About?

There are unlimited things to teach your audience. Think about the magazines by the grocery store check out. Every month, they come up with new ways to spin information so people buy it. You can get ideas from the magazine headlines that grab your attention and figure out a way to use the same idea for your niche. (Don’t use the headline word-for-word. That’s plagiarism.)

Think about your products and the different benefits and promises they deliver. You can do a training around each of these.

Here are some other examples:

  • How to Sleep Better (wellness products)
  • How to Decorate Your House (home décor products)
  • How to Get Rid of Wrinkles (anti-aging products)
  • How to Lose 10 pounds (weight loss products)
  • How to Make 10 Freezer Meals in an Hour (natural food products)

Whatever questions and problems your target audience has, answer them with your content.

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Kari Baxter

Kari Baxter

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