How often should you review your goals?

How Often Should You Review Your Goals?

By now, you’ve set some exciting goals and you want to make sure you can achieve them.  Ready for the secret? You need to review your goals on a regular basis. Have you ever set goals on January 1st, then by July realized you were in the exact same place as January? We’ve all done…

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Achieving Your Goals

3 Keys to ACHIEVING Your Goals in 2018 + My Word of the Year

Forget about just setting goals. Let’s talk about achieving your goals in 2018. Setting goals is great and I love the process, but it’s not enough. Here are 3 keys to achieving your goals in 2018. If you don’t do these 3 things, you’re gonna be in the same place next year. Don’t let that…

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The fastest way to build your business

The Fastest Way to Build Your Business

Stop looking for a short cut!!! I wasted so much time doing this. Let me save you from doing the same thing. Building a business takes time. Why? Because it’s about building relationships, not selling a “thing”. You can’t jump on social media and start posting and spamming and telling people to buy your thing…

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What are your daily success habits?

The Daily Success Habit to Energize Your Business

There is a simple daily success habit that will energize and propel your business forward. If your business isn’t growing, thriving, and producing the way you want it to, you’re probably not doing this daily habit. Watch this video below to see if you’re doing this daily success habit:   Your Daily Habits Would you…

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How to Use Facebook for Your Business -- The RIGHT Way

How to Use Facebook for Your Business the RIGHT Way

Have you been posting about your products and business on Facebook and not getting results? Do you keep reaching out to people and they say they’re not interested or never reply? I’m sure your upline told you to use Facebook for your business by posting and reaching out. You might use it to send messages…

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