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My 10 favorite network marketing quotes

Here are 10 of my favorite network marketing quotes. Sometimes we need a little boost to stay motivated and know we’re on the right track. There’s nothing wrong with reading some network marketing quotes and getting fired up to make calls or reach out to prospects. I like to print network marketing quotes that address…

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6 Tips if You’re Afraid of Talking to People about Network Marketing

Are you afraid of talking to people about network marketing? Are you struggling in your business because you’re afraid of talking to people about network marketing? This business is all about talking to people, so I’ll give you a few tips to get comfortable with it. There are a few different strategies to help you…

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How to Rank Advance in your Network Marketing Company

I watched a powerful training by Ray Higdon today about how to rank advance in your network marketing company. These tips will help you get serious about moving to the next level. If you don’t know Ray, he tells it like it is, so there’s no sugar coating here. Show Your Presentation First, to rank…

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5 Proven Ways to Start a Direct Sales Business

So you want to start a direct sales business? Over 20 million people were involved in the direct sales industry in 2015 and the industry continues to grow. It’s a great way for stay-at-home moms or women sick of the 9-5 grind to make extra money on the side or replace a full-time income. There are…

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6 Tips to Create a Social Media Profile that Positions You as a Leader

Social Media Makeover! Do you have a social media profile that positions you as a leader? Before someone does business with you, they WILL search for you online. If you create a social media profile that positions you as a leader and a professional, you will sign up more people and do more business. People…

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