The fastest way to build your business

The Fastest Way to Build Your Business


Stop looking for a short cut!!! I wasted so much time doing this. Let me save you from doing the same thing.

Building a business takes time. Why? Because it’s about building relationships, not selling a “thing”.

You can’t jump on social media and start posting and spamming and telling people to buy your thing or join your deal. It won’t work.

Seth Godin did a kickstarter campaign and raised $40k in 180 seconds for a book launch. How did he do it so quickly? Not from urgently telling everyone he knew to go donate. No. That kickstarter campaign was a FINISH line, not a starting line. It was the culmination of 10 years of building relationships.

We’ve all heard a network marketing story where someone comes into the business and hits the top rank in 2 months. It’s not because of the comp plan. She didn’t have a magical script. She did it because she has a network and connections from the previous 5 years. She did the work ahead of time. Hitting the top rank in 2 months is the finish line, not the starting line.

Don’t compare your starting line to someone else’s finish line.

If you don’t have that network now, start building it.

Connect with old, current, and new friends daily.
Find out what’s going on in their lives.
Look for ways to help them.
Know you may not do business with this person for a year, 5 years, or ever.
Remember people’s birthdays.
Send handwritten cards.

Here’s the fastest way to build your business: Stop looking for a short cut. Do it right. Put in the time.

The long way IS the short cut. ~ Seth Godin