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7 Tips to Get 60 People on your Company Autoship Program


Why Should You Get People on Your Company Autoship Program?

I recently heard a training from a friend who got 60 people on her company’s autoship program in 8 months. Wouldn’t you love to have 60 customers on autoship?!

Why is this so important? Getting people on your company autoship program starts building your income right away. It gets you (or your downline) making money fast. The faster you, or your new recruit, make money, the better chance there is of building a long-term business.

It builds a recurring income. We get into business to make money, so this gives you a predictable income to go shopping, save for vacation, or pay the bills. When you have a consistent income coming in every month, it relieves financial stress or gives you extra cash to build your business faster.

How to Get People On Your Company Autoship Fast

Here are 7 awesome tips from my friend who got 60 people on her autoship program in 8 months.

1) Reach out to everyone!

Reach out to everyone you know and let them know you’re in business, what your products are, and if they know anyone who has problems that your products fix, to reach out to you.

This is indirect, yet gives them the information you want them to have. Many people will respond back that they have that problem. It’s a ninja move.

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2) Don’t chase or bug your friends and family.

If you’ve followed me for long, you know I hate bugging my friends. Don’t be obnoxious, rude, or overbearing. But… it is important that they know what you’re doing. This way, when they have a day when they want to make a change, they will think of you. If you use the script above, you’ll be fine.

3) Use 3rd party validation

When you have  a home party, a virtual party, or a webinar, invite someone who uses your products, but isn’t your customer or on your team — someone who doesn’t have any vested interest in you making sales. They can share their story and their love of the products, and it will be 100% genuine.

4) Post “Before and After” pictures

If your products have before and after pictures, use them to get people on your company autoship. Post 2-3 times a week on Facebook. Keep your posts generic — don’t use your company name or product name. Remember attraction marketing — you want people to be curious and to reach out you and ask questions.
Don’t be surprised when you start getting private messages. People are funny. They won’t “like” or comment, but they will message you and ask about your products.

5) Don’t send people to your company web site.

If someone messages you and asks for a link to check out your products, ask them, “When is a good time to chat? I would love to tell you all about it!” If send them to your web site, one of two things will happen. Option #1 — they are going to look at the price and get scared off because they don’t know how long the product lasts, that there’s a money back guarantee, the quality of the products, etc. Or Option #2 — They’ll be so overwhelmed and confused by all the information and links, they won’t find what they want and they’ll leave.

Don’t do it!

6) Give awesome customer service

Check on your customers. Make sure they know how to use the product, that they’re getting results, and address any concerns that come up. Work through it with them. Make sure they understand the autoship program when they enroll. Send them a message before their autoship date. I would rather they delay their order than get something they didn’t expect.

7) Ask for referrals

Encourage your current customers to spread the word to their friends and family. Set up a referral program. Make sure they understand that your business grows by word of mouth.

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