How to Take Action on Your Biggest Fears

How to Take Action on Your Biggest Fears


Are you afraid to take some action in your business? Maybe it’s reaching out to a friend. Or investing in a mastermind event or buying a new training. Maybe you’re on the fence about starting a new business or joining a new company.

Are you ready to take action on your biggest fears? More network marketers fail from doing nothing than from doing the wrong things. Don’t be afraid to move forward in your business, even it’s through rejection or the wrong marketing tactics. Be more afraid of doing nothing and being a quitter.

I’m going to show you an unconventional process to get over the fear and make a decision. Let’s blast through that fear and move forward!

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How to Control Your Emotions (like Fear)

What if you had complete control over your emotions and you never got disappointed, overwhelmed, frustrated, or embarrassed? Would that help you take action on your biggest fears – like reaching out to more people or creating a video for your biz?

You’ll never have complete control over every emotion, but I can show you how to have less ups and downs. It’s based on Stoicism –  an ancient Greek philosophy that teaches how to live your life based on what you can control and what you can’t control. It reduces emotional reactions which is a good thing — in business, in our relationships, and in our personal lives.

  • Would you have different business relationships if you were always calm and collected and had the right response immediately?
  • Would your marriage or relationship with your kids be better if you never lost your temper?
  • Would there be less suicides and less violence if people always had a level head?

Use This System to Control Your Fear & Take Action

It sounds dramatic, but learning a system for controlling our emotions can be life changing.

We suffer more often in imagination than in reality. Seneca

One common Stoic exercise is visualizing the worst possible scenario – like goal setting in reverse. Too often our fears are nebulous and vague. Rather than being vaguely afraid of something for weeks, months, or years, put your worst fears down on paper.

Tim Ferriss, well known author, blogger, and marketer, came up with an exercise for this called Fear Setting. It is the process of mapping out the worst thing that could happen if you do or don’t make a certain decision. You can download fear-setting worksheets below my video.

Step 1: Define your fear.

Write the big decision you’re struggling with or your big fear on the top of the page. List 10-20 things you’re afraid will happen, related to this fear. For example, I’m afraid to call prospects because 1. I won’t know what to say. 2. I’ll feel stupid. 3. They might be mean to me. 4. They’ll know I suck at it. etc.

Then write down a way you could prevent each of these things. For example, 1. I can learn what to say. 2. I’ll practice so I won’t feel stupid. etc.

Then write down how you can repair the damage if it happens. For example, 1. If I say the wrong thing, the prospect will never know. Plus I have plenty more people to talk to. Move on to the next person. 2. If I say something stupid, I can laugh it off and make a joke about it. 3. If someone is mean to me, I can reach out to my upline and have a good laugh about it. It happens to everyone.

Step 2: What good will come from an attempt?

Write down what good could come from moving forward with your decision or the thing you fear. Be conservative with the positive possibilities, not coming up with the most amazing, life-changing result.

If you reach out to a new prospect, what could happen? Maybe you’ll have a great conversation. You’ll make a new friend. Maybe you’ll get a new customer. Or a new teammate. You’ll feel accomplished, brave, and successful, no matter what the result of the call is. You can check someone off your list and move on to the next person.

Step 3: What is the cost of inaction?

What is the cost of doing nothing – emotionally, physically, financially, etc? This exercise is so powerful! List what the cost of NOT taking action would be over the next 3 months, next 6 months, and next 3 years.

If you do nothing, if you don’t move forward, what will your life be like? Are you ok with that?

People are more motivated by pain than by pleasure. Rather than thinking how amazing your life could be in 3 years if you take action, think about how miserable your life will be in 6 months or a year if you do nothing.

You can check out Tim’s latest Ted talk on fear setting here.

Don’t think about these answers in your head. Don’t use my example. Take your own biggest fear and do this exercise. It will take 20 minutes and just think how much you could overcome!

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I would love to hear your results of doing this exercise! Comment below and let me know your fear and what you decided to do about it.

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