My Favorite Tools & Resources

I get a lot of questions about what tools and resources I use in my business -- to run my blog, for network marketing, for email, etc. I put this page together to share my favorite tools with you.

Note: I may make a small affiliate commission on some of these products at no extra charge to you. Sometimes the prices are lower through my link because I have a special partnership with the provider. I listed these tools here to share with you what I use on a daily basis in my business, not solely to make commissions. 


Network Marketing Must Haves

The Home Business Survival Guide -- The Home Business Survival Guide is put together by one of my favorite network marketers and trainers, Tanya Aliza. She's smart, fun, and will help you get started recruiting fast. In this guide you'll learn the skills you need to recruit and build a team effortlessly. I use these strategies daily in my business.

Blogging Tools

Bluehost -- Bluehost is my favorite hosting company. I've used 2 others and Bluehost has been the most reliable and has the best customer service. They have one-click installation for WordPress and their customer service is always willing to help with any issues you have. It's super easy for beginners. If you're setting up a new blog, use Bluehost!

Email Marketing Tools

Aweber -- When you're ready to build your list, Aweber is the way to go. It's easy to use, affordable, and it always works. They have amazing customer service and are willing to help you with anything! Use Aweber to keep in touch with your leads, prospects, customers, business partners, and clients. Click here to learn more!

Video Production Tools (everything below I got for less than $50)

Video Selfie Tripod for Cell Phone -- Create professional (aka: steady) videos that your fans will love with a tripod for your phone. Also takes photos! Click here to get your selfie tripod.

Ring Light for Cell Phone -- When you're filming videos, your fans want to SEE your face, so light it up! Get this compact selfie ring light and clip it to your phone before you film. Click here to get a ring light for your phone.

Spider Podium for Cell Phone -- Arrange your phone any way you want to get that great shot and hold your phone steady! 8 flexible legs let you create a stand for your phone, attach it in your car, hang it from the mirror, or the steering wheel. Grab a spider podium stand here.

Gooseneck Phone Stand Holder -- Mount this phone holder onto your desk, car, counter, table, bed, or chair, to get the exact angle and lighting you want. I mount this on my desk because I have a window nearby and get great lighting. It's a very secure clip and heavy duty "gooseneck" will h0ld any phone. I love having it mounted on my desk for phone calls and other hands-free use (hello... snapchat!) Get your own gooseneck here.

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