How to Use Facebook for Your Business -- The RIGHT Way

How to Use Facebook for Your Business the RIGHT Way


Have you been posting about your products and business on Facebook and not getting results? Do you keep reaching out to people and they say they’re not interested or never reply?

I’m sure your upline told you to use Facebook for your business by posting and reaching out. You might use it to send messages to friends about your business, have a group for your team, and post about your business and products on your profile.

Facebook is for More than Messages

Those are all fine, but that’s not the real power of using Facebook for business. Over 2 BILLION people have Facebook accounts. How are you connecting with those people — not just your friends and family? It’s time to think bigger!

The Right Way to Use Facebook for Your Business

In this episode, we’re going to dive deep into the top 7 ways to use Facebook the right way to be a leader and start attracting your ideal prospects and customers to you! I heard this tips from NWM leader, Jessie Lee Ward, and she nailed it! Check it out —>

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#1. Let people into your world. Show people who you really are. You don’t have to post every meal you eat, but show people your passions, your hobbies, your family, and how you’re building your business around your life. People want to see the real you, not some photoshopped version where you’re always in full makeup and cute clothes.

#2. Be positive. This is CRITICAL. Think about any leader you know. Tony Robbins. Darren Hardy. Susan Sly. How often do they complain about the guy who cut them off in traffic? How often do they complain about their kids? Their money issues? NEVER. There is enough negativity on social media. Don’t add to it. Instead uplift people. Help them. Serve them. Bring value to the marketplace. It’s ok to talk about a tough day you had, but teach the lesson you learned from it. Tell people your struggles, but don’t leave them down in the dumps. Bring them out of the struggles, by telling them how you solved the problem.

No one is served by you complaining.

#3. Offer value. What does it mean to offer value? Teach people something. Help people with an issue they’re having without expecting anything in return. Yes, it’s ok to sell on social media, but people don’t come to social media to buy. On social media, you should offer value — education, entertainment, or motivation — 90% of the time, and sell 10% of the time.

Most people do it backwards – they sell 90% of the time and offer value 10% of the time. They will be unfollowed, unfriended, and hidden if they do it for very long. Remember: 90/10.

If you’re profile is full of pictures of your products or company logo, that’s an infomercial and it’s turning people off.

#4. Be consistent. Building a following through social media takes time. You have to show up every day in order to build momentum. People have short attention spans. If you miss a week or a month, you’re out of sight, out of mind. Facebook moves you down in the rankings.

We all have bad days, but if you’re using social media to build your business, you have to post anyway. Have daily minimum activities, like one post, prospecting 2 people, and replying to your messages. This is part of taking your business seriously.

#5. Engage with people every day. Social media is SOCIAL! Interact with people you don’t normally interact with. Go to their pages, like their posts and pictures, and comment. That’s how you be friends on social media.

Not only will they see your comments (doesn’t everyone like being told how cute their kids are or how cool their vacation is?!), but people will naturally return the favor. They’ll come see what you’re doing. Facebook will start showing more of your posts in their feed.

If you need help finding more people to reach out to, check out my Prospecting Formula for Busy Mompreneurs. I teach you how to find 10 people a day to talk to about your business.

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#6. Add and delete people daily. Always be networking. Always be adding new friends and new people. Delete people every day. If someone hasn’t posted in a year unfriend them. They’re not active. Open more space in your feed for new people. If you’ve sent someone 5 messages and they haven’t replied, let them go. They aren’t a friend.

Exceptions — obviously I don’t delete my family or old friends if they haven’t posted in awhile. This applies to my networking contacts. 🙂

#7. Have a Facebook page. This is another way to use Facebook for your business. Start with your profile, advance to a fan page.It takes 2 minutes to set up a Facebook page. You can use this to funnel people into a group. You can link it to your group. You can use this when you want to start running ads. It’s another way to put yourself out there and be professional.

I hope these tips help you! Reach out to me if you have any questions about using Facebook to build your business. The best way is to comment below or use Facebook Messenger. 

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