Network Marketing Tips For Beginners

Network Marketing Tips for BeginnersNetwork Marketing Tips for Beginners

These network marketing tips for beginners will build your business on a solid foundation. Do you want to learn how to succeed in network marketing? Learn and DO these network marketing routines and habits right from the beginning. They will start your business off on the right foot. You’ll see improvements in other areas of your life, too.

Immerse yourself in your new business.

The first network marketing tip for beginners is to learn as much as you can about your products and the industry. It’s usually fun to learn about your company’s products. If it’s skin care or weight loss, use as many of the products as you can. You will sell what you use. Learn how they feel, how they’re used, and some of the key ingredients or technology in the products. Learn about the industry in general. It helps to know about your competition. Your customers will shop around and you will be able to guide them to the best products for them.

Learn about your business model, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, coaching, online marketing, or offline marketing. There are words, phrases, and techniques specific to your industry. Your prospects may or may not be educated in the industry. You’ll want to address their questions and concerns about how to start a network marketing business.

Pick a daily method of operation.

A daily method of operation, or a DMO, is a daily plan of when you will work. If you have 30 minutes at lunch and an hour after work, write down what you will do during those times. Will you make prospecting calls? Will you do follow up with customers? Email your list? Decide on the days and times that you have available to do network marketing activities. Write down your plan and follow it.

Your DMO must include “income producing activities” – actions that will make money. These include prospecting, getting new customers, talking to leads, showing your business presentation, hosting a party or meeting, or doing 3 way calls with your downline. These DO NOT include organizing your desk, cleaning your office, ordering new office supplies (guilty!), writing your 90 day plan, talking to your downline for 2 hours, managing your team, posting motivation quotes… you get the idea. Only a few actions generate money. Make sure you’re doing income producing activities during your scheduled time.

Have a 90 day plan.

A 90 day plan is your set of goals for the next 3 months. A 90 day plan is a focused push for a short amount of time when you can generate network marketing success that will help your bank account, your confidence, and your business. What do you want to accomplish – rank, volume, recruits, number of people talked to?

Set clear goals for your 90 day plan. Goals should be specific, measurable, and attainable. Depending on your goals, a specific and measurable goal would be talk to 5 people a day about your business. Another good goal might be to recruit 2 new consultants a month. I like to set action goals versus results goals. Action goals are things you will DO, like talk to 5 people a day. A results goal is recruiting 2 people a month. You can control if you talk to 5 people a day. You can’t control if 2 people sign up. (But if you talk to 5 people a day, you would easily sign up 2 people a month).

Have two solid goals for your 90 day plan. This is what I do, but feel free to adjust based on where you are in your business. Set goals that will push you, but not overwhelm you. I like to have a volume goal and a recruiting goal. The goal could be for someone on your team who is working hard, like Help Sally recruit 2 new people per month. Then you would set up a plan with Sally to train her and her downline, do 3 way calls, or host a party.

Work consistently.

This is the biggest network marketing success secret (and for anything in life, really). Do your DMO or action plan, consistently. Think of it like a second job and SHOW UP. When your business is first getting off the ground, don’t miss any days. This isn’t the time to think, “Oh, I have my own business. I can take today off and go to lunch with my friends.” If this was a job, would you NOT show up? Show up for yourself, every day for 90 days.

Start a Positive Morning Routine

Of all the network marketing tips for beginners, this will positively impact every part of your life the most.

If you have a family, a full-time job outside the home, or both, you must maximize your time. The only place most of us have room in our schedule is in the morning.

A positive morning routine is certain things you do every morning that will start your day off strong. I built my routine around The Miracle Morning, which is prayer and meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling (or blogging). Feel free to create your own, but those are the basics.

I resisted this for, like, 20 years. I had a really hard time waking up, but… I travel for a consulting job and always manage to make my early flights. Treat it like a job and show up. We can train ourselves to wake up earlier. Check out the Miracle Morning if you want more tips on building a morning routine.

Put these network marketing tips for beginners into practice and your business will start off strong and grow quickly.

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Kari Baxter

Kari Baxter

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7 Online Network Marketing Tools To Free Up Your Time

network marketing toolsWould your life be easier if you had some online network marketing tools that worked around the clock so you don’t have to? I put together 7 tools that prospect, teach, sell, and collect money while you’re doing important mom things.

(Do you like my new term – Mom Things? Moms know what they are — cooking, cleaning, feeding, changing, getting everyone up, getting everyone to bed, dishes, homework, activities, loving, snuggling, managing a family… All the Mom Things.)

Yesterday, we talked about WHY you need leverage in your network marketing business. You don’t want to be tied to your phone or computer for eight hours a day. You picked a network marketing business to get away from that. Today, let’s learn what will give you more leverage.

7 online network marketing tools

Your business needs marketing to get the word out and bring in new leads. Once your online marketing tools are set up, they work your business while you do other things. Don’t worry about how to set them up yet. Just know there are many options to leverage your time and you can add them when the time is right.

1. A Blog

This is my favorite online marketing tool. It’s cheap. It’s relatively fast and easy to set up. I set this one up in a couple hours. Granted, it looks like poop right now (see below), but the perfect layout and fancy graphics can be added later.

online network marketing
Seriously, so bad!

A blog is one of the few things YOU OWN online. Your Facebook account or Youtube videos can be removed at any time. With a blog, you own the content. Every time you post, that’s another soldier in your network marketing army working to build relationships and bring in leads for you.

2. Social Media

Facebook posts, Live videos, YouTube videos, and Instagram pictures are fun and effective ways to connect with your audience, your friends, and potential friends. Social media has a huge reach. I can reach hundreds of thousands of people through Facebook. Instagram is low resistance – your followers see your post, but it’s not pushy.

The downside of social media is it doesn’t last long. You have to post daily, but if you’re on social media anyway, it only takes a few minutes. There are also services that allow you to schedule your posts, so you could do a week’s worth of posts in a 1/2 hour.

3. Videos

Videos are little versions of you, talking to your audience nonstop. When your prospects hear your voice and see who you are, they like you and trust you. They feel like they know you. When you get on the phone with them and start working with them, they already know who they’re dealing with. And you didn’t have to put in hours on the phone. Huge leverage.

4. Websites

Besides a blog, websites are other sites recruiting and teaching your people. This could be your company website, a training page for your team, a lead capture page (more on those below), a sales page, or a facebook group. You’re only limited by your imagination.

5. Lead Capture Pages

Lead capture pages are webpages that collect a prospect’s name and email address. They usually offer something of value in return their email address, like a free report or a free training video, to join your email list. Once someone is on your mailing list, you can continue talking to them about your niche and your company.

Your email list is another resource that YOU OWN online and can be very valuable. If you provide value to your list, they will continue to read your emails, buy from you and a some will join your team.

There are services that make it easy to build these pages. You don’t have to be computer programmer to use lead capture pages for your online network marketing efforts.

6. Presentations

You can use online tools to deliver your network marketing business presentations. Now, don’t think you’ll never give a presentation again or that you can build a team without talking to people. You still have to connect with people, but online presentations can do the heavy lifting for you. You can let prospects watch your company’s online presentation or you can create your own. This would be very powerful since it would be delivered by you via video. It could be a “professional”, serious presentation, or a relaxed chat by your fireplace.

7. Online Ordering

Does your company offer online ordering for your products? Mine is an “online franchise” and the orders are all placed online, either by me or by my customers and consultants. I don’t carry any inventory or ship any products. This is becoming more common for many companies. It’s so convenient to not have to be sitting in front of a computer or even be at home to do business. If I’m traveling, on vacation, or out of internet service, my business can go on by letting customers and consultants go to my webpage and place their orders. That’s time saved and money earned.

This gives you some ideas of online networking marketing tools you can leverage in your business to earn more and save time for the most important people in your life. Remember, don’t worry if you don’t know what they are or how to use them. Just know there are tools available to make your business easier when you’re ready for them.

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Kari Baxter

Kari Baxter

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5 Reasons Moms Need Leverage In Network Marketing

leverage in network marketing

You love your family and want to be the best mom and spouse that you can. AND you feel driven to create, produce, contribute, impact, and succeed. I feel you! If you’re struggling with how to be an effective business owner in less time, I’m here to help. You need leverage in network marketing to step up your prospecting and training efforts without spending all day on your business.

5 Reasons Moms need LEVERAGE in Network Marketing to Succeed

1. You’re busy.

You’re a mom. Busy doesn’t begin to describe your life. It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t have kids. I have four kids and there isn’t much wiggle room in my schedule. The busier you are, the more you need automation and leverage in network marketing.  Your marketing can work behind the scenes while you cook dinner. Or clean up dog puke. The glamorous stuff.

2. You need help.

Your kids are your #1 priority. You have lots of other priorities, too – your spouse, job, friends, church, school, and sometimes even yourself (!!). We try to be Superwoman, but we’re not. Nor should we be. We should be snuggling kids, not going to opportunity meetings or your 3rd party of the week. You can’t do it alone and you don’t have to.

3. You can’t afford a marketing agency.

Big companies have teams that do marketing for them. They have people working round the clock monitoring their twitter feed and posting blog posts. As a small business owner, you don’t have an agency, but you can have hundreds of little marketing soldiers, working round the clock, while you do mom things. Do the work once – a blog post, video, social media post, lead capture page, webinar, email, online order form – and let it work 24/7 to bring you new leads and customers.

4. Warm up your prospects.

Who likes cold prospecting – talking to someone who’s never heard of you or your company before? Not me! It’s my least favorite way to talk to people. What if everyone you talked to had already heard of you, liked you, and trusted you? Introduce yourself to your prospects through video. Let a screen capture show your presentation. Emails will do the selling. Blog posts can educate your prospects. Would that make it easier to bring them on your team? You bet! (Or if you’re from Minnesota, like me, You Betcha!)

5. Come from a position of authority.

When someone approaches YOU to ask about your network marketing business or your products, you are in a position to HELP them. You’re a trusted advisor instead of an annoying salesperson. By the time a prospect reaches out to you, they already know they want to work with you. Your job of closing a sale becomes leveraged – infinitely easier and faster.

Don’t build your network marketing business on your own. Let leverage and automation help you. Use the tools and technology available to us today. Building a business is faster, easier, and more fun when you use leverage to succeed in network marketing.

In the next post, I’ll tell you HOW to add leverage to your business.

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Kari Baxter

Kari Baxter

Training And Tips For Network Marketing Moms

Welcome to!

I started this blog to help network marketing moms, like you, get the training you need to be successful in your business.  Get tools and ideas to get more leads, recruit more consultants, and make more sales while taking care of your family. It isn’t easy, but it is possible. We’ll learn how to do it together. If something makes my life easier, makes me more money, or helps me be happier in the process, I will share it with you.

You Can Do This

I am a married mom of 4 with multiple businesses. I’m proud of my achievements, but I’m not a superhero. Organization and creativity haven’t always been my strongest qualities. I’m a woman, wife, and mother, figuring it out as I go. This is totally d0-able for you with some guidance, new habits, and friends rooting you on. You can be an amazing mother and have a profitable business to create your ideal life.

Let’s Help Each Other

Please leave your comments, questions, and suggestions below. We’ll build each other up, help each other out, and get further together. Let me know what you need. If I don’t have the answer or the tool, I’ll create it or find it.

Here’s to your success,

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