When you don't feel like working

What to Do on Days When You Don’t Feel Like Working


What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Working

Even when you looove your company, your products, your team, and your industry, there will be days when you don’t feel like working. It’s totally normal. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that you should quit. Here’s what to do when you don’t feel like working, so you can keep seeing results in your business. You’ll be able to get back to work the next day and never miss a beat.

Do you ever look at mega-producers, like Ray Higdon or Dani Johnson, and think, “How do they do it all? How do they create all that content and build a team? They must work 12 hours a day and never have a bad day or take a day off.” (For the record, Ray doesn’t build a team anymore, but he did for years and was the top income earner with 2 different companies).

That’s what I used to think!

I made this video for you to share what I do when I don’t feel like working:

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What Top Producers Do When They Don’t Feel Like Working

Here’s the truth: everyone has bad days. Everyone has low-production days.

Want to know the difference between successful network marketers and unsuccessful network marketers?

Successful network marketers always do something. They have core activities that they do every day no matter what.

When Ray was first getting started, he prospected 20 people a day for months. No matter what. By the 7th month, he was the top income earner in his company. He didn’t recruit every day. He didn’t do a home meeting every day. He didn’t get new customers every day. He didn’t train his team every day. But he prospected every day without fail.

What are Your Core Daily Activities?

What are your core activities for your business? What needs to happen DAILY to keep moving forward in your business?

Here are my “Daily 3”:

  • 5 new friend requests every day
  • 5 new conversations every day
  • 3 follow-ups from previous conversations

5-5-3. That’s it. It takes me about 30 minutes. That fills my funnel and keeps my business moving forward. I always have people to talk to about my business.

Side Note:
My “Daily 3” are online prospecting activities. This is a long-term recruiting strategy. If you do these activities, you won’t send someone your business presentation immediately. You’ll send it when the time is right, maybe after a week of conversation, maybe after a year. The goal is to make connections and friends. Learn more about this strategy in the Prospecting Formula for Busy Mompreneurs.

I do a blog post and a facebook live video once a week. Along with my daily activities, those are non-negotiable.

Most days, I do way more than that for my business. I talk to my team, connect with friends in my facebook group, post on social media, find new customers, and create stuff online.

How Long My Daily Activities Take

But even on days when I don’t feel like working, I do my “Daily 3” non-negotiable activities. It only takes 30 minutes. If you can’t commit to 30 minutes a day for your business, you aren’t serious about it. <—- Sorry for the tough love, but lots of people need to hear it.

Just in case you think this will be easy…

Newsflash! There are going to be days when you don’t feel like working. You need to get the core stuff done anyway!

Even if the car breaks down.
Even if you have jury duty.
Even if the baby pukes all over the inside of your car.
Even if you’re working on 3 hours of sleep.

Your core activities are non-negotiable.

You will have days that justify not working. Do it anyway. Ray Higdon

Practical Tips for Moms

#1.  Do your non-negotiables first thing in the morning, if you can. I do online prospecting, so I can do those reach outs at 6 am and get it done. Then no matter what happens the rest of the day, I know I filled my funnel. I usually do another 30 minutes in the evening to respond to any new conversations, but if it doesn’t happen one day, that’s fine.

#2. When you have days when you feel like working or you have a day to yourself, CRUSH IT. Do as much as you can. Often, when I don’t feel like working, it’s a hormonal issue and terribly hard to overcome (girl talk, sorry dudes). I plan for those bad weeks and when I have good weeks, I do as much planning, marketing, writing, and prospecting as I can.

Action Step:

Pick 3 things you do every day no matter what. I recommend a prospecting goal, a follow up goal, and marketing tasks, like posting on social media, writing a blog post, or shooting a video.

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Have a great week! Do your Daily 3!

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